Delaware Bankers Association

2019 Delaware Trust Conference Materials

Tuesday Sessions

Session 1 - A Federal Tax Update

Federal Tax Update - Donaldson

Federeal Tax Update Presentation


Session 2 - Changing Situs

Alice Situs Outline

Changing Situs - Sager


Session Three - Women and Wealth

The Future of Wealth is Female


Session 4A - Educating the Next Generation

Educating the Next Generation



Session 4B - Construction of a Trust

DSBA 2019 Case Studies


Session 4C - Reporting Requirements for Foreign Trusts

The Throwback Tax

Foreign Trust Presentation

The Great Myth is Pre-Immigration Tax Planning


Session 5 - QSBS

QSBS Jenson

QSBS Article - Jenson




Session 6 - Reconciling Fiduciary Duty and Social Conscience

Reconciling Fiduciary Duty and Social Conscience




Wednesday Sessions

Session 1 - Significant Fiduciary Cases

Outline of 2018 Fiduciary Cases


Session 2 - Implications of 5 Generations of Trust & Wealth

Implications of 5 Generations on Trust & Wealth



Session 3A - Trust Ethics - Social Media



Session 3B - Trust Modification

Best Practices and Pitfalls of Trust Modificiation


Session 4 - Trust Ethics - Elder Financial Abuse

Elder Financial Abuse - Gallant

Session 5A - Young Professionals

Impressions from Young Professionals

Session 5B - Discretionary Distribution Requests


Challenging Discretionary Distribution Requests and How to Analyze



Session 5C - International Planning

International Planning with Delaware Trusts




Session 6 - The First State V. Other States

Why Delaware

Why Delaware - Presentation




Session 7 - 2019 Trust Act

2019 Amendments to DE Trust Act

ACTEC Virtual Representation Statutes

Trust Act 2019 Bill (as amended but with original synopsis)