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Teach Children to Save Day

Teach Children to Save Day Training Video

This year's Teach Children to Save lesson is fun and easy.  Download the following video featuring Judy Austin of the University of Delaware's Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship for tips on how to teach a memorable lesson.  The video is available below or on YouTube or may be downloaded in Windows Media in both high and low resolution formats.


Link to 2017 Training Video on YouTube

2017 Training Video - Low Resolution

2017 Training Video - High Resolution

2017 Lesson Plan


Teach Children to Save Day is April 25th!

This year's event, the 19th annual, will take place on Tuesday, April 25th, with additional classes taking place throughout the week.  Teaching the lesson is fun and easy, and no previous experience in necessary.  Complete on-line training is provided above.  Banker volunteers can register through this link:


First held in Delaware in 1998, Teach Children to Save Day (TCTSD) is part of a nationwide financial literacy effort that works to educate elementary school students throughout Delaware, while targeting those from low- to moderate-income communities, on the importance of saving as the basis for future financial security. The primary goal is to foster sound financial practices in the students, with a secondary goal of informing and influencing the older generations on the benefits of saving. Through the program, children are encouraged from a young age to develop the habits that will help ensure their future economic independence. Take-home materials in both English and Spanish are also provided for students to share with their parents. The materials developed in the program are also distributed statewide through the State's public library system, increasing their impact even further.

The annual Teach Children to Save Day program is held in April, preceded by a special kick-off event featuring the Governor. The Delaware Financial Education Alliance (DFEA) works with the University of Delaware's Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship (CEEE) to administer this program in the First State. The age-appropriate curricula were developed by the CEEE to meet State economic competency standards. The DFEA helps to raise the funding for the program, and assists in the coordination and training of the volunteer faculty comprised of bankers. Through financial education grants, the DFEA also develops and distributes the materials used on TCTSD, including the bilingual take-home financial education information piece for the children to share with their parents and other adults. The DBA/FEA also pays for the books used in each classroom, which are then donated to the school following the event. The CEEE pairs the volunteer bank employees with the classroom teachers and students.

On the actual day of the event, volunteer bankers, organized by the DFEA and trained by the CEEE, visit schools throughout Delaware. The volunteers teach students the importance of saving, the basics of financial education, and the benefits of prudent money management. The DBA/DFEA's Teach Children to Save Day program has consistently been recognized as one of the best in the nation by the American Bankers Association.

Each year students are invited to participate in a poster to illustrate the importance of saving.  This year's first place winner was P.J. Blessington of St. Mary Magdalen School in Wilmington.  P.J.'s poster - "$aving is like building a bridge" - can be seen at left.  Congratulations to P.J. and all the winners!