Delaware Bankers Association

2016 Delaware Trust Conference Materials

Tuesday Sessions

Session 1 - Changes:

A Shiny New Tool for the Tool Box

McGuire Woods Recent Developments Materials


Session 2 - Still the One:

Comments to Uniform Voidable Transaction Act

Comparison of DE, NV, and SD

Transfers to Self-Settled Spendthrift Trusts

Why is DE Still a Place to Situs a Trust


Session 3 - Why Can't We Be Friends

Collaboration Across Small and Great Divides


Session 4A - You Can Go Your Own Way

You Can Go Your Own Way


Session 4C - We Can Work It Out

We Can Work It Out


Session 4B - One Way or Another

One Way or Another Outline - Sovine

One Way or Another  - Pratt

This v. That - Ohio - Stegman

NC Will & The Way Article


Session 4 D - We Are Family

We Are Family


Session 5 - All Over the World

International Panel


Session 6 - You Got It

Title 12 3301 Sections

UTC 808

2016 Oct DTA Mtg Draft

Directed Trust Act - Oct 16


Wednesday Sessions

Session 1 - Hot, Hot, Hot

Hot, Hot, Hot - Purpura


Session 2 - Get It Right the First Time

Case Study - New Business

Case Study - Successor Trustee


Session 3 - Taxman

State Income Tax - Cundiff


Session 5A - Don't Fear the Reaper

Bereavement/Grief - Ellison
Grief Presentation - Fanning


Session 5B - All the Things You Are

Non-Judicial Settlements


Session 5C - Knowing Me, Knowing You

Directed Trusts Investments Outline


Session 5D - I'm So Excited

Trusts Utilizing Entity Structures


Session 5E - Silence is Golden

The Best Way to Set Up a Quiet Trust


Session 6 - Still the Same

Consistent Basis Reporting - Rosen


Session 7 - Private Eyes

Attorney Client Privilege